Infographics: 3 best games created in the style of Minecraft

Good day, dear users of the game Minecraft! Today I would like to provide 3 of the most interesting and popular games related to the subject of minecraft. I think it’s not worth very much to describe the popularity of this game, since at the moment there are more than 60 million registered users worldwide and every day the simultaneous online is 1 million players, a decent figure, isn’t it? Along with the growing popularity of the game, other slash-games in the Minecraft style began to grow. Well, and more about them is described in the full news, go below!

At the moment, the list includes three games that, in my opinion and the opinion of other users – the best: “Exit Through the Dungeon”, “Zombicraft”, “Scuba”. In fact, they are really not so bad: the graphics are quite normal (fully corresponds to the minecraft graphics), the controls are good, the sounds are of high quality, the textures are comfortable, in one word – everything you need for a comfortable game. And now let’s go through the rating and points.

1st place: “Scuba”.

2nd place: “Zombicraft”.

3rd place: Exit “Through the Dungeon”.

These games are chosen by users who play them with pleasure, and they like it. I do not know about you, but I would advise you to play at least one of them, and then you will feel the beauty of the above games. The most surprising thing is that these games will go to weak computers, and almost anyone who wants to can play them, you just have to want. And so, if you are fed up with the old, dull and homogeneous minecraft, you can try this too. Well, now a few screenshots of the games.